Press Release

Galerie Opdahl is pleased to present Chosil Kil's first solo exhibition in Berlin,

The bell doesn't work, please knock.

Chosil Kil's work begins with her fascination for objects and the stories that each bears.
Regarding the material essence of these objects, Kil creates her art through the various processes of dismantling, replacing, altering and reforming; questioning occurrences by rearranging history. As she reworks physical form, function and context the past unfolds on her terms, creating new and personal manifestations.

For Kil, both found and given objects play a central role in her work. Rings (2009) is a long gold thread formed from melting down gold rings that were given to the artist when she left Korea by her mother, with the instruction to sell them in case of emergency. 11 years later the tangled gold thread symbolises not only the physical and abstract distance that has grown over the years between the pair, but also a mark of the connection between them, and the changing nature of their relationship. The work is characterised by a strong sense of nostalgia for her past but also by a bold act of acceptance of the present.

Her recent work, Treated Objects, A Half (2009) and Treated Objects, The Other Half (2009) began as Kil collected objects. Each of the common and rare items was first paired and then split into two groups. The assembled objects are then physically parted as Treated Objects, A Half is shown at Aoyama Meguro Gallery in Tokyo and Treated Objects, The Other Half in Berlin–with over 5000 miles between them. Born in Seoul, Korea in 1975, she graduated from the Royal College of Art, London. Kil has exhibited at various galleries including Somerset House, London (2008); Galleri Opdahl, Norway (2008); Cornerhouse, Manchester (2008); David Roberts Foundation (2008); Riflemaker, London (2007 and 2008); Aoyama Meguro Gallery, Tokyo (2009); Platform Seoul 2009, Seoul (2009). Chosil Kil lives and works in London.